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Vibration Isolation 

To isolate unwanted machine vibration, it was once sufficient to mount the offending equipment on a piece of cork. Today, with greater knowledge and higher expected standards, this traditional solution is usually inadequate, both in large building structures and in the general industrial environment.


In building construction, improved design allows lighter but inherently more flexible structures to be used. At the same time, increasingly more powerful air conditioning and auxiliary equipment is needed and may often be installed in upper level plant rooms. Equipment vibration therefore can be a major problem in such structures.


Similarly in general industry, the size of the vibration producing equipment is increasing whilst the community and workforce demand improved living and working conditions, free from severe structure borne noise.


Both situations require engineered vibration control systems which give predictable results appropriate to the surrounding environment.


Nendle can offer a standard range of various materials and isolators normally from stock to fulfil these requirements. The range comprises of:




Clampad TM Isolation Pads

Rubber in shear isolators

Open spring isolators with nominal static deflections to 100 mm and loads up to 700Kg per isolator

Vertically and horizontally restrained isolators with nominal deflections to 100 mm and loads up to 2250Kg

Spring hangers with nominal deflections to 25 mm and loads to 700Kg per isolator

Isolation rails

Inertia bases



Details of our standard isolator range can be found within our catalogue information accessible below or via the download section of the web site.


For specialist advice or further information please contact our design team via our contact page.


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