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Nendle Acoustics Company Limited supports the supply of products with the following services

Undertake the full acoustic design working alongside the design team offering products specifically designed to achieve the required internal and external noise criteria. Advising on both the correct products and system design to ensure the required design is achieved.


Total Packages:
Nendle will undertake the design, supply and installation of specialised products, such as chiller/ condenser acoustic packages, acoustic screens, acoustic enclosures, acoustic doors and acoustic louvres.

Environmental Testing:
Carry out testing in accordance with BS4142:1997, PPG24 and BB93, supplying full test results and evaluations within a full report for submission to planning etc.


Problem Solving:
Investigating noise and vibration problems on site, evaluating the issue and supplying cost effective solutions.

Pre-installation and commissioning testing.

Nendle Acoustics Company Ltd

Tel: 01252 344222 Fax: 01252 333782



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