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Nendle offer a range of acoustic foam and acoustic duct lagging materials. Acoustic foam to absorb noise and acoustic duct lagging to prevent noise breakout of duct walls etc.

Our open cell acoustic acoustic foam is supplied in thicknesses ranging from 12mm - 50mm, all having class O properties, therefore suitable for building applications. Our open cell acoustic foam can be offered with the following options:

  • PVC perforated facing

  • Metallised polyester facing

  • Polyurethane film facing

  • Self-adhesive backing

Our acoustic duct lagging material can be offered having a mass of either 5 Kg/m2 or 10 Kg/m2 depending on the required acoustic performance. Both options can be offered with either a foil (outer), fibreglass, lead, fibreglass or barrier mat (outer), foam make-up.

Details of our materials range can be found within our catalogue information accessible below or via the download section of this web page.

For specialist advice or further information please contact our design team via our contact page.


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