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Duct Silencers
Nendle provide a range of passive and reactive duct silencers to the building, commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors. The standard range consists of rectangular silencers, rectangular bend silencers, circular silencers, acoustic transformation pieces, crosstalk silencers and a range of high temperature silencers. Larger silencers can be supplied in multiple sections for assembly on site. The complete range can be offered suitable for many applications some of which are listed below:
Kitchen Extract
Hospitals & Clean Rooms
Swimming Pools
Fume & Smoke Extract
Flue Systems
High Temperature

Our Own manufacturing facility is set up to offer a range of standard silencers, which can be easily supplied to any dimension and having tailor made connections, enabling in many cases the fitting of silencers without the need for expensive duct transformation pieces. Silencers can be manufactured from various materials, including hot dipped galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PVC, and polypropylene. The standard construction of hot dipped galavanised steel can also be offered with various finishes included polyester powder paint, chlorinated rubber paint, and wet paint finishes. Performance details etc can be found within our catalogue information accessible below or via the download section of the web site.
For further information and specialist advice, please contact our design team via our contact page

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