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Acoustic Panel Systems


The Nendle range of acoustic panel systems can be adapted to create acoustic screens or partial screens, acoustic enclosures and studios etc, all individually designed to suit each application. They can be constructed as a demountable system, to allow them to be dismantled, moved and reassembled giving future flexibility if required.

Panels are manufactured in a range of thickness of offering a range of performances from Rw35dB up to Rw49dB within the standard range.

Panels can be supplied and installed to steelwork provided by others, or can be supplied as a complete system including support steelwork, designed to suit the necessary wind/ structural loadings. Our in-house installation team can be employed, guaranteeing a speedy and professional service.

Each system is designed and manufactured to suit each individual application depending on the required performance and size. Manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel, normally supplied with a polyester powder paint finish to a standard colour, the system is robust and designed to last.

Applications include, generator enclosures, chiller screens, pump enclosures, AC plant screens, fan enclosures, modular plant rooms and many more.

Details of our standard acoustic panel range can be found within our catalogue information accessible below or via the download section of the web site.

For specialist advice or further information please contact our design team via ourcontact page.


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